Our vision

Quiqup are re-imagining the last mile so everyone can experience the future of logistics. We take care of everything from full-service software packages to a fleet of Quiqees that navigate the streets and personally hand over the parcel at the door.

Building a powerful network

We are on a mission to build the most powerful last mile network in any city.

So whether you’re a small business, a bricks and mortar shop, an enterprise-level retailer, or a logistics provider, Quiqup will deliver on behalf of anyone. And we’re always hard at work, evolving our tech to bring you the very best in urban deliveries.


We’re disrupting commerce

When we first started Quiqup back in 2014 from our CTO’s living room, we set out to lend a helping hand and provide a service that improves the lives of people across London. Today, we’re building tech that will redefine in-city logistics as we know it.

Man and woman in the office meeting room

We’re powered by incredible people

We want to create experiences that are memorable, shareable and extraordinary. At the heart of these experiences is a group of tireless individuals, showing up to put their best foot forward everyday and to always put the customer first.

Team Quiqup - Same Day Courier Delivery Service by Quiqup

Our values guide our work

Despite hailing from over 35+ countries and a myriad of different cultures and backgrounds, we’re all cut from the same passionate cloth. We come together under one set of values that resonates with each one of us naturally and unanimously.

Our Values



You prefer the road less travelled. You favour outcomes over process. You aren’t afraid to take risks; you know that failure is sometimes the price of success.



You do the right thing – especially when nobody is looking. You speak your mind and don’t defer to authority. You fight for what you think is right. You care about the impact your actions have on the world around you.



You find ways to get things done; you make it yourself if it doesn’t exist. You look to do things in new and better ways. You like to turn your mind to challenges outside your day job. You see the wood for the trees; you keep one eye on next to better prepare for now.



You look past the superficial to focus on what really matters. You ask tough questions to ensure better outcomes. You challenge assumptions and expectations no matter the source. You approach challenges from unusual angles; you know the obvious answer is rarely the best one.



You’re always looking for opportunities to make a big difference. You seek the best possible returns when choosing where to invest your time. Your colleagues know they can rely on you to do great work that makes a difference.



You take responsibility for your actions and decisions. You rise to the challenge quickly and easily; you do what it takes to make things happen. You’re grateful for the help of colleagues but you’ll do it yourself where necessary. You know the buck stops with you; you like it that way.



You put what’s good for Quiqup ahead of what is best for you. You check your ego at the door. You look out for your colleagues and always find time to help. You share openly and easily; you like to see your work benefit others.