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Issue 17

Amazon making moves, DHL electrifies, and hunger hinges on the last-mile

In this issue:

Amazon x Morrisons? – Urban Fulfilment FTW – DHL does ULEV – Hunger and the last-mile

dhl sctreet scooter

Issue 16

Big city life, restaurant delivery wars, and the human toll of delivery

In this issue:

Argos’ new DC – Ikea going urban – Bye bye Amazon Restaurants – New Retail – The human toll of delivery

argos 3

Issue 15

Connected Retail, Facebook pop-ups, and the new Amazon catalogue

In this issue:

Zalando looks East – Facebook pop-up shops – Amazon’s catalogue – Royal Mail goes electric – The London tube map

Zalando outlet

Issue 14

Amazon’s pop-up, underground delivery networks, and the most powerful idea in the world

In this issue:

Amazon Fashion – Underground delivery network – Lyft x Blue Vision – Partner Insight: Parcelly – A story of steam

JD underground logistics

Issue 13

H&M’s comeback, the Mercedes Sprinter, and how understanding Amazon means winning the last-mile

In this issue:

H&M x Klarna – Mercedes’ AI Sprinter – Bringg x Doordash – Partner Insight: PostTag – Amazon & the last mile

H&M Klarna

Issue 12

Getting Physical: Amazon’s ambitions, Zalando’s Beauty Station and Aldi vs. Jack’s

In this issue:

Amazon 4-Star – Zalando’s Beauty Station – Aldi vs. Jack’s  – Business Insider Tech 100 – Is there a better way?


Issue 11

Amazon Storefronts, Postmates becomes a unicorn, and 100 projects shaping the world of tomorrow

In this issue:
Amazon Storefronts  –  E-cargo bikes  –  Postmates makes unicorn status  –  A 24hr hackathon – 100 projects shaping the world of tomorrow

women at shop window showing opening hours on amazon

Issue 10

Urban fulfilment, warehouse drones, and 24 hours to make sustainability a retail reality

In this issue:

Urban fulfilment stores – Warehouse drones – Gaining through training – Making sustainability a retail reality

warehouse drone

Issue 9

The Harrod’s of the high street, the ‘Amazon Tax’, and the death of the kitchen

In this issue:

House of Sports Direct – The ‘Amazon Tax’ – Is the kitchen dead? – Checkout free shopping – Delivering Happiness

Amazon Tax

Issue 8

Building the city of the future: Goodbye petrol stations, hello superconsumers, and drones that’ll save your life

In this issue:

Zara’s storehouse – Future of Mobility Grand Challenge – Hocus BOPIS – NHS Airways – A driverless world

NHS Drone in London - Same Day Courier Delivery Service by Quiqup

Issue 7

The chronicles of retail: The store, the supply chain and the wardrobe

In this issue:

Move over Mayfair – Amazon Prime Wardrobe – Nike gets personal – The game’s changing – Ninety percent of everything

Nike by Melrose

Issue 6

Uncle Jeff’s entrepreneurs, a “returning problem”, and Tesco gets into bed with Carrefour

In this issue:

Uncle Jeff wants you – Tesco x Carrefour – AR against returns – Kroger’s delivery AGVs – The last mile delivery puzzle

Uncle Jeff wants you & pointing finger at you

Issue 5

Google’s retail ambitions, Microsoft’s FOMO, and how a group of nerds created the digital revolution

In this issue:

Google’s retail ambitions – Microsoft’s FOMO – The human impact of self-driving cars – Deliveroo’s Marketplace+ – The Innovators

Google, Microsoft, Amazon illustration for Competition as Runners

Issue 4

eBay goes up against Amazon, Lidl goes digital, and Alibaba goes further than we thought possible

In this issue:

eBay’s offensive play – Lidl’s digital future – Alibaba invests big – The age of convenience – The US brings it home

eBay vs. Amazon - Same Day Courier Delivery Service by Quiqup

Issue 3

It’s deals week! Ocado strikes a deal with Kroger, Adobe with Magento, and Deliveroo makes one with the Devil

In this issue:

Deliveroo’s innovation fund – Ocado meets Kroger – Adobe acquires Magento – Blockchain in supply chain – The future of delivery

Deliveroo Chinese Food with Chopsticks

Issue 2

Sainsda, conversational commerce, and the rise of the machines

In this issue:

Sainsbury’s & Asda merger – Drones in China – Robots in London – Conversational commerce – The future of urban mobility

Google Home in the Kitchen next to the Oven

Issue 1

Amazon who?, gravity-defying warehouses, and the man who changed the world

In this issue:

Alibaba’s wins – Gravity-defying warehouses – Retail-as-a-service on the rise – Sainsbury’s e-bikes – Container shipping made interesting

High Tech Robot at the shop

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