Growing alongside Amazon

Hosted by Michel Kaloustian, Quiqup VP

Growing alongside Amazon: Delivering sustainable growth in the digital age

Join the discussion at E-Commerce Delivery 2018, Radisson Blu Portman, London

How do you deliver sustainable growth in the age of Amazon?

That’s the billion-dollar question on every retailer’s mind. The rise of e-commerce has put an unprecedented amount of pressure on retailers to find ways to make the last mile profitable while also providing an outstanding consumer experience from web browsing through to delivery.

Retailers, whose brands must be particularly attuned to the experiential, must start looking at their companies through a different lens; they must see themselves as retailers doing digital and equally, as digital innovators doing retail. It is only through full integration of the physical and digital that a fashion retailer will grow alongside Amazon and succeed in the age of retail transformation.

Easier said than done, we know. Michel Kaloustian, Quiqup VP will be discussing this and more at 3pm, Tuesday 26th June, Session 3.


Key takeaways

How retail companies can satisfy consumer demand for products today, not tomorrow or the next day without surrendering their customer and data. By integrating a configurable delivery management system into their existing e-commerce platforms, businesses can create future-proof business models that drive sustainable growth in a city on the go.


Discussion details

Growing alongside Amazon: Delivering sustainable growth in the digital age
3pm, Tuesday 26th June, Session 3

E-Commerce Delivery 2018, Leaders in Logistics
Radisson Blu Portman, London
22 Portman Square, Marylebone, London W1H 7BG


About Michel

Michel Kaloustian, Quiqup VP

Michel is VP, Managing Director and member of Quiqup’s founding team. Michel works closely with the CEO in setting the company strategy, in fostering its vision and spearheading its execution. He does so by managing our team of 160 employees worldwide as well as stakeholders at all levels to scale day-to-day business operations and ensure the smooth implementation of Quiqup’s strategy.

Prior to Quiqup, Michel worked as Project Engineer at Penspen, a firm providing engineering and project management services to the energy industry. From there, he decided to leave Penspen and join the Quiqup team. Michel holds a Masters in Engineering from Columbia University in New York and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech.


About Quiqup

At Quiqup, we’re reimagining the last mile so everyone can experience next-level logistics, levelling the playing field between bricks and mortar retailers and large tech giants with e-commerce muscle. We take care of everything: from full-service software packages to a fleet of Quiqees that navigate the streets and personally hand over the parcel at the door. For large enterprises, we create bespoke delivery solutions that meet shoppers’ ever-increasing demands. For small businesses, we offer speedy integrations that turn their shop into a delivery centre to instantly open them up to a wider customer base. For offices, we provide efficient, transparent, and reliable courier services for even the most time/business-critical parcels. And anyone else can use us for custom pick-ups and drop-offs around the city, all at the touch of a button. With a delivery solution that suits everyone, we’re transforming the way goods move about our streets for better cities, better business and all-round better living.