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Without Quiqees, Quiqup just wouldn’t be possible. They’re at the heart of every pickup we do, helping our customers get anything they want, at the tap of a button.

We’re always searching for new riders and drivers to save our customers time and keep them smiling. To become a courier and join the community, sign up today!

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Being a Quiqee means:

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Great money

You’re paid an hourly fee, plus extra for every delivery you make – and you keep your tips too!

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Vibrant community

Stay in touch with other Quiqees. With community events, focus groups and more, you’ll get support to help you thrive.

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Extra benefits

Get £50 for joining us, and earn up to £150 for every friend you refer to us!

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Flexible slots

You’re in control of your hours when you become a courier with Quiqup.

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Quick onboarding

Get set up and onboarded in as little as one day, and leave our office ready to start working.

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All-day earnings

We’re open all day long. Don’t be restricted to working during peak lunch & dinner hours

What you’ll need

  • A bicycle, scooter, car, or van

    Choose the mode of transport you’re most comfortable with to explore your city. Don’t have a vehicle? Not a problem – take a look at our rental options

  • Delivery insurance

    If you’re a scooter, car, or van, you can get cheap & simple insurance to cover you when making deliveries. Check out our insurance page for more information

  • A smartphone

    Our Quiqee app is available on iOS for iPhone 5 and above or Android 6 and above

  • Delivery equipment

    If you don’t have your own equipment for making deliveries, such as a reflective jacket or an insulated delivery bag, we’ll provide you with what you need to get started

“Every day I get different missions, I go to all sorts of places and meet lots of interesting and nice customers. I think you can get bored easily if you work in a confined place and you end up not enjoying what you do. Working with Quiqup disrupts the routine.”

Matheus, Quiqee

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Ready to join? Or want to find out more? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you swiftly!

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