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Send parcels across town at the touch of a button with the courier service that provides full visibility every step of the way.

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Avoid the forms and the phones

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For you and your recipient

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Goes straight to the destination

One click and you’re done

We remove all the hassle involved in arranging a courier. No need to call or print out complicated forms; just enter the pickup and drop-off locations and you’re good to go. Sign up is easy – you can get started in under 5 minutes.

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Total tracking

Follow your item every step of the journey using our web-based interface. Track the courier as soon as they are assigned until the package has been delivered, with full contact details should you need it. Automatically share a tracking link via text with the recipient so they can do the same.

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Your dedicated courier

Your courier will start delivering your items right away – no time wasted dropping off anyone else’s parcels. Multiple pickup, drop-off and scheduling functionality is built right in, to make things super-easy to manage.

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Use us for:

  • Client documents
  • Pitch documents
  • Contracts and tender documents
  • Bank and expenses runs
  • Photoshoot returns
  • Gifts for clients
  • Passports, keys, personal items

The list is pretty much endless…

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Ready to use the courier service that delivers the smart way?