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Everything you need to offer quick, convenient store-to-door delivery to your customers. Take your business to the next level with one-hour, same-day delivery options. Start Dubai delivery within a few minutes.

Everything you need to start delivering:

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Best-in-class Tech

Simple, interactive and user-friendly delivery management software

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A Fleet of Drivers

A fleet to call your own – without the hassle of managing it yourself

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Live Customer Support

Real humans on call to ensure all deliveries end with a happy customer

Your Product. We Deliver.

Give your customers the delivery options they’re looking for without complicated software integrations or the hassle of managing your own fleet.

Quiqup’s same-day delivery options allow you to get goods quickly to your customers, either within hours of ordering or at a convenient hourly slot when it suits them.

The best part, you’re in full control. Deliveries can be managed by our simple web-based platform or can be sent automatically, via our effortless e-commerce integration.

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How does it work?


Receive Order

Over the phone, through your website or in-store

Request Driver

A friendly driver will arrive at your venue in no time at all

Happy Customer

Your driver delivers the item with a great doorstep experience

Powered by Quiqup


Quiqdash is your Dubai delivery management hub – you can order, track and manage your deliveries in real-time using its simple web-based interface.

You can Instantly order for same-day delivery, schedule an order, track it to its destination in real-time, and send tracking links to your customers so they can do the same. All at zero upfront cost to you.

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Built for you

API Integration

Every business is different, and off-the-shelf solutions aren’t an option. We act as a partner, working with you to develop fully customised, end to end logistics solutions built from the ground up with your needs in mind.

It’s hassle-free because delivering great experiences doesn’t have to be complicated. Through a customisable design, our technology can be seamlessly integrated into any existing infrastructure, no matter how complex or straightforward your requirements.

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On-demand delivery on your webshop

We’re integrated with many of the major e-commerce providers so you can turn on super-fast delivery at the click of a button.

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No upfront cost

You only pay for the deliveries you do, on a pay as you go basis

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Quick signup

Create an account in 5 minutes with Quiqdash and start delivering right away


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Real-time tracking

You and your customer can track every delivery in real time


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Full control

Keep track of past, present and future deliveries in one place


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On-demand and scheduled deliveries

Deliver within a few hours or schedule a delivery in advance


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Cost effective

Cheaper, quicker and smarter than managing your own delivery fleet


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Smart pricing

Flexible and transparent pricing; you decide how to split it between you and your customer


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Dedicated fleet

No time wasted on others – your driver is dedicated to your delivery alone

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Multiple pickups and drop-offs

Pick up from multiple locations, or drop off to several destinations


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Route optimisation

Automatically optimise your route if it involves multiple pickups or dropoffs


Use us for anything

Deliver straight to your customers, move stock between stores, or send important documents across the city. If it needs to move fast, it needs to be moved by Quiqup.

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